Benefits of Partnership

Benefits of partnering with our dedicated staff:

  • GAA’s familiarity with Medical Staff leadership, through its successful working relationships, and extensive participation in systems and work process innovations.
  • Consistent quality of anesthesia care throughout all of the facilities we serve.
  • Consistent delivery of anesthesia services in all service locations in conformity with applicable standards of practice, accreditation, licensure, certifications, laws, and regulations.
  • Strong and consistent working relationships among the anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, surgeons, and facilities’’ staff.
  • Professional business management to provide a high level of service and communication with the administration
  • Consistent availability of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists who possess the best education, training, technical skills, and experience in all areas of anesthesia practice.
  • Ability to efficiently maintain coverage as service needs increase along with served facilies’ projected growth
  • Consistent and proven ability to provide superior and timely service compared to other similar practices
  • Consistent monitoring of anesthesia techniques
  • Consistent cost monitoring of anesthesia related supplies, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Superior compliance monitoring for controlled substances and pharmaceuticals
  • Consistent maintenance of equipment
  • Mutual sharing of professional opinions
  • Ongoing internal compliance monitoring, auditing, and education
  • Efficient scheduling and the benefit of GAA’s local corporate headquarters.