The members of GAA have consistently demonstrated both flexibility and a willingness to meet the expanded needs of our partners. In addition to providing top quality clinical anesthesia care, GAA plays a significant role in the development of its partners’ process improvement initiatives, cost containment measures, and medical staff leadership. Moreover, GAA has extensive experience in utilizing and implementing innovative medical technologies, such as an electronic medical record (EMR), as well as “hands free” communication equipment in order to maximize the safety and efficiency of its care team model. GAA’s members have been instrumental in Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) software development and implementation at one of its current partner organizations. Additionally, members of GAA have been active in the initial and ongoing development of patient care sets for CPOE, and the creation of a new software solution for an electronic, intelligent patient medical record in Obstetrics. GAA has assisted with the development and implementation of the Peer Review Committee (PRC), a multi-disciplinary, multi-facility, non-punitive, clinical, and behavioral review team for one of its partner organizations.

We believe that this extensive experience in both clinical and administrative responsibilities will be of significant value to any Healthcare provider or facility that we partner with.

Level of Certification

ALL GAA anesthesiologists are board eligible or board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Any new GAA anesthesiologists is required to be, “in the exam process”, and become board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology within three (3) years of employment.

All of GAA’s nurse anesthetists have their CRNA certificate and are licensed by the Arizona nursing board. GAA takes pride in the fact that the CRNAs have a strong background in critical care and obstetrical nursing.